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Seating and Wheelchair-oriented Protectors

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Oxygen Holder

Scooter World can modify  oxygen carriers to suit a range of wheelchairs, electric wheelchairs, walking frames, beds rails and ends and also to attach to our rear baskets for scooters!

Storm Cover

Storm Cover made from waterproof U.V. stable material and designed to fit most Merits scooters. Fitted with two Velcro tabs to secure the base, this cover won't blow off and will keep water, dust and animals off the scooter. Colour Grey.

Merits Wheelchair Tote Bag

This tote bag measures approximately 35cm x 35cm x 10cm and easily hangs by 2 loops on to the back of  a wheelchair.  It is made from lightweight waterproof fabric with a  quick fastening velcro tab.

Elevating Leg Rest

Elevating Leg rests are available for our Merits Powerchairs and manual wheelchairs.  There are different types of legrest fittings and and they vary in price.  Stump supports are also available.

Rear Basket

Rear Basket This sturdy, powder coated Rear Basket is made from high strength wire mesh and is easily secured to the seat by a locating pin or thumb wheel. It holds heavier loads than most, incorporates a safety flag holder and features a 20mm receiver for securing additional items such as Cane holders and Crutch holders. A full range of Cane & Crutch holders are available for use with or without Merits Rear Basket. PF05 W124/W130 Frame Carrier       PF06  W460-W463 Walker carrier    PF01 Single Cane holder in basket    PF02  Double Cane holder in basket      PF07 Single Crutch holder in seat      PF08  Double Crutch holder in seat    PF11 Single Crutch holder in basket  PF12Double Crutch holder in basket   PF14 Adapter Sleeve for fitting Basket Accessories to Seat

Raven Threshold Ramp

Raven Threshold Ramps are ideal for users of wheel chairs, walking frames, electric scooters and hand trolleys, anyone that regularly traverses tripping hazards at doorways or abrupt surface transitions around the home or in the work place. Made from slip resistant recycled rubber, Raven Threshold Ramps will be welcomed by home owners, building occupiers, facilities managers and OH&S personnel who recognise the need for a permanent and inexpensive retrofit solution to assist access and mobility in the home, at work or in the commercial environment. Until now, the problem involved a trades person, the use of messy cement, fabricated metal plate or plywood to make and install a threshold ramp. The new DIY alternative is Raven Threshold Ramp. Simply lay the ramp in place or permanently fix with builders adhesive. Raven Threshold Ramps are extremely durable, will last for years and require no maintenance.
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