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S846S2 – Merits Aurora S2 Scooter

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SPEED 10-15kph (programmable)
RANGE 40-50kms
MOTOR DC 24V 1750W 4 pole
CONTROLLER Rhino 160 Amp
BATTERY 12V/60-85 a/h x 2 pieces
FRONT WHEEL 12″ pneumatic
REAR WHEEL 12″ pneumatic
LENGTH 146cm
WIDTH 65.5cm

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• Loop handlebars offer comfortable finger or thumb throttle operation • 4 wheel adjustable suspension system allowing for more rider control and comfort • Large 14” wheels which provide grater ground clearance • Larger 4 pole motor and larger controller delivering much more power for climbing steep driveways or hills • Built-in half speed safety switch which operates automatically when turning to provide extra safety • New improved, fully adjustable leather-feel seat, allowing maximum rider comfort • Separate emergency braking system for added security • With new easy to access 12 volt socket • Available in wide seat version (Regal 344A XL) • Colour choices available: Blue and Red
$ 6,490.00

Afikim Breeze S

More than ever before Offering an enhanced driving experience with special attention to driver comfort, more safety and more control in one stylish vehicle; Breeze-S


  • Length (cm): 165
  • Width (cm): 68
  • Seat Width (cm): 45
  • Maximum Speed (kph): 15
  • Maximum Load w/ Driver (kg): 200
  • Reverse Speed (kph): 6
  • Range (on a flat course, in km): 45
  • Front Wheel (in): 3-10″
  • Rear Wheel (in): 3.5-10″
  • 2 x 12v Batteries (amp/h): 73
  • Braking system: Automatic plus manual
  • Drive System: Motor – 1.43KW (2HP) 24V DC
  • Colour: Silver
*Note: Price mentioned above does not include the canopy. That's an additional charge.
$ 7,990.00

Merits Explorer S941

Brand new sporty design scooter with new easy to access 12 volt socket. Call 08-8245 1111 for a special price on this new arrival.

  • Multi-adjustable tiller for easy use and comfort
  • Brand new sport streamline design
  • Fully adjustable suspension system that delivers a smooth and comfortable ride.
  • Modern LED lighting system
  • Digital LCD dashboard display: time, display, battery gauge, temperature, maintenance messages, speed display and odometer.
  • Fully adjustable contoured seat with simple operation of slide, recline and swivel mechanisms to allow maximum user comfort.
  • Extra storage space beneath the tiller
  • With Merits 4PT large controller delivering much more power
  • New easy to access 14 volt socket
$ 5,790.00

Easy Rider Scooter

This stylish Easy Rider was inspired by some of the leading designs in the Motorcycle industry. This allows it to move away from the traditional type of scooter, creating desirability and excitement to the driving experience. The Easy Rider is our modern design 15kph (9mph) scooter that includes all the tried and tested benefits of the Drive range. This easy to operate vehicle provides state of the art performance and will give years of dependable service.
$ 8,190.00

Merits Interceptor S 940

The Look and Feel of a Luxurious Scooter  

Features & Benefits

  • Large scooter with 200kg weight capacity
  • Brand new sporty streamline design
  • Full suspension system with shock absorbers which offers comfortable riding
  • Brilliant LED lighting system with lower power-consuming benefit.
  • Digital LCD dashboard display: battery guage, accumilated usage hours, temperature, maintenance messages.
  • Handy storage spaces at the tiller for user’s convenience.
  • Built-in half speed safety switch which operates automatically when turning to provide extra safety.
  • New luxurious comfortable seating system.
$ 6,999.00
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