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S237 – Merits Momo Scooter 3 wheel

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Max. speed 7 kph
Range 10-20 km
Turning Radius 86 cm
Motor DC 24V,180W/630W max
Controller PG S-Drive 70 amp
Battery 12V / 20 a/h x 2 pieces
Front Wheel 8” (200×75) Foam filled tyre
Rear Wheels 9” (2.80/2.50-4) Foam filled tyre
Weight capacity 136 kg
Brake intelligent, regenerative, electromagnetic   brakes
Length 102 cm
Width 54 cm

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S247 – Merits Momo Scooter 4 Wheel

Portable. Easy to pull apart and assemble again. Easy to use within a nursing home and houses.

  • Super light and auto latching lockup design for easy carry,storage and transportation
  • No wiring to connect when assembling or disassembling
  • Loop tiller with finger or thumb control type throttle provides more comfort
  • Comfortable swivel seat with flip-up armrests with height,width & angle adjustments
  • Colour available Red
$ 2,290.00

Monarch Buzz Portable Scooter

A fantastic new 3 & 4 wheel compact scooter that pulls to pieces in an instant with the flick of a finger.


  • Fits easily in the boot to take with you to the shops, this scooter is a really well built and designed product.
  • It comes with a superior padded seat, plenty of leg room, and loop style handlebars that make steering easier.
  • If weight is an issue, you can choose the standard 12amp hour batteries, but if you want a bigger range, then the optional 20amp hour batteries will do the trick.
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Venom Scooter

special-offer-price-tag The Scout has many new features which are only normally found on larger scooters. Its the first Drive mini scooter to include Delta Bars as standard, it also features the next generation Drive Medical splitting mechanism. The Scout is ideal for use indoors and outdoors where the terrain is forgiving (eg. smooth paths, shopping centres, etc). The Scout has been developed to ensure a focus on Comfort, Style, Performance and Reliability.
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S542- Merits Yoga inc Case


Just for a limited time. This Special offers ends Nov 2016... Get the hard case cover free with the Yoga


  • Strong light-weight alloy aluminum frame for easy folding and carrying
  • Small foldable dimension for easy storage
  • Easy attach 24V Li-Ion Battery, Quick charge with 2A off-board charger
  • Height and angle adjustable steering tiller to fit individual user demand
  • Ideal for both indoor and outdoor use
  • Patented Twin-front-wheels w/spring suspension system offers excellent stability during sharp turning
  • Optional Armrest


Merits Yoga Brochure
$ 3,490.00
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