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L239 Manual Lightweight Transit Wheelchair with Brakes

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L213 Self Propelled wheelchair

This is a very light self propelled chair weighing  only 10kgs.  It features on the wheel rims indentations to allow for easy finger grip. This chair folds in seconds for easy transportation.


  • Attendant brakes
  • 12-1/2” x 2-1/4” self propelled solid tyres
  • 8” front castors
  • Alloy footplates with “Non-slip” insert”
  • Swing Away removable leg rest
  • Padded “Water proof” upholstery
  • Seat width 18”, Seat depth 16”
Limited lifetime warranty on frame
$ 449.00

M4 Merits Manual Self-propelled Wheelchair

- Detachable full armrests - Detachable swing away footrests, optional detachable elevating legrests - Vinyl seat and back upholsteries - 8″ x 1″ solid castor tyres - 24″ X 1.3/8″ (foam filled tyres) self propel wheels Colour available Crome
$ 479.00


Dromos wheelchairs is an aluminium frame wheelchair with probably the best quality rated in its segment.


  • For the most demanding users Dromos offers an adjustable fork and axle plate enabling the seat angle to be adjusted to fit the needs of the user.
  • Dromos has been tested and approved for use in motor vehicles according to ISO 7176
  • Adjustable in height armrest
  • Adjusted to fit the needs of the user
  • There is a lifetime guarantee for the crossbar and side frames on Dromos.
  • It comes in self- propelled and transit version.
$ 750.00

L406 Self Propelled Wheelchair

Trendy, stylish self propelled wheelchair in a two tone silver and black chair leads the way in modern design. Static Weight Capacity 100kg Features
  • Locking attendant brakes or normal locking brakes
  • Quick release wheels
  • Swing Away removable arms
  • Easy removable swing in swing out footplates
  • Foam filled 24” x 1 ⅜ “ Rear Tyres
  • Nylon seat and back with detachable anti-bacterial padding
  • 8” front castors
$ 599.00

L436 Lightweight Transit Wheelchair

Trendy, stylish transit wheelchair in a two tone silver and black color. Modern design Light weight chair. Features:
  • Attractive modern paint finish
  • Transit wheel chair with attendant brakes & folding back
  • Swing away armrest, swing in swing out leg rets, total weight of 12kg
  • Washable anti-bacteria padded upholstery which is removable
  • Adjustable seat depth


Overall Width 58cm
Overall Length 97cm
Overall Height 92 cm
Seat Width 46cm
Seat Depth 38-43cm
Seat height from ground 48cm
Weight Capacity 115kg
Total weight 12kg
$ 599.00

Dromos Europe

‘Dromos Europe’- A wheelchair that will offer you more dynamics, durability and good quality at an affordable price.


  • Wheelchair for everyone and every day.
  • Durable and sturdy.
  • Frame of the wheelchair is made without welds by using die cast aluminum parts.
  • Lifetime guarantee for the cross bars and side frames.
  • Seat height can be adjusted by repositioning the rear wheel in the axel plate.
  • Easy and high adaptable.
  • Comes in self-propelled and Transit version.
$ 750.00

L470 Merits Heavy Duty Bariatric Aluminium s/propelled Wheelchair


Reinforced double cross-brace for extra strength with weight capacity of 182kg Detachable full length armrests Detachable swing away leg rests with oversize footplates, with optional elevating leg rests 24” x 1.3/8” puncture free foam filled tyres
$ 699.00
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