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Classic Wrap Around Boots

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Pressure Care Boot

The Pressure Care Boot is designed to provide comfort, support, and freedom to those at risk from skin ulcers of the foot or ankle.

As compared with the footwear on the previous two pages, the Pressure Care Boot’s open toe design allows toe separation and inspection, without the need to remove the shoe.

The Velcro straps around the heel and across the instep allow the shoe to be opened fully and adjusted to ensure that the shoe moulds comfortably to the shape of the foot, and can be adjusted as required to accommodate any changes in foot size through the day. The low profile rubber sole ensures the freedom to experience the comfort and support of the Pressure Care Boot both inside and out.

$ 149.00

Shear Comfort Footwear – DiabPro Series

Some individuals, especially those with diabetes, require a high level of skin and pressure protection, but also look for greater support of the foot especially at the heel.

Shear Comfort™ footwear is known for its wide range of adjustability to meet the challenges of variability in foot size caused by oedematous swelling. Our new footwear, the DIABPRO™ series, for Diabetic Protection, provides a narrower fit across the foot than the other Shear Comfort™ ranges, and a posted support at the heel.

Fastening is by two hook and loop straps across the top of the arch of the shoe. The narrower sole gives a sleek look, and makes for easier walking. The sole can be built up with a rocker pad if required to assist in adjusting the gait pattern.

$ 149.00



The LiftAid 180 is a lightweight, easy to operate mobile lifter that allows patients to be lifted and transferred from floor, bed or chair with ease and safety. With low lifting height and soft start / stop function, this product has been designed to provide patient and carer with optimum comfort, safety and security. Constructed with a powder coated aluminium frame for lightweight manoeuvrability, the height adjustable frame allows overall mast height be set to match environmental and lifting needs. Features the advanced Linak® Jumbo Care Diagnostic Control System for intelligent self diagnostic system capabilities. Quick release yoke spreader bar included with lifter. Optional pivot frame available as an added accessory.
$ 3,200.00

Pedal Exerciser

  • can provide gentle exercise
  • for use on the floor or a table
  • compact & easy to fold for travel
  • tension adjustable to suit user
  • flexible feet to minimise slipping
  • unique multi-function counter
$ 100.00
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