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  • Stable metal base frame unit with 30 x 50mm rectangular pipe
  • Four lockable leading pulleys with diameter = 75mm
  • Eco- friendly powder coating in blue


  • Stable metal tread with a wear- resistance non- slip rubber mat
  • incl. holes for variable fixing of the foot


  • Forefoot can be secured with Velcro
  • Heels can be secured with foamed shell
  • Both the Velcro’s and foamed shell can be placed on the tread variable without the help of the tools


  • For users with 135-200cms height and maximum 140 kgs body weight


  • For safe lateral guiding and securing of the knees
  • Adjustable in height, abduction and horizontal distance without tools
  • Demounted together/ individually
  • Soft padded in order to avoid pressure marks
  • Easily washable and Sanitazable
  • For knees with a width up to 120mm


  • Pelvic support set for securing lateral and backward support of the pelvis
  • Adjustable in heights
  • Pelvic support can be easily swung away for ” easy” entry of the user
  • Pelvis widths up to ca. 220 – 440mm
  • Patient belts with bottom enlarged and leg strap size “L”


  • Handrails made of stainless steel, individually adjustable in height for right and left side
  • As a support during transfer into the exerciser and for additional safety of the user
  • Table 650 x 720mm with long vertical pipe


  • For easy and comfortable virtualization/ lifting of high level dependency/heavy weight users
  • Operations of the lift with help of the remote control
  • Lift can be adjusted in height and removed completely without tools
  • With power connection 230V
  • Incl. safety-stop-switch
  • All connections of the lift are pluggable


  • CE-Declaration of Conformity according to 93/42/EWG
  • Certified quality management system according to DIN EN 13485
  • Electromagnetic Compatibility according to DIN EN 60601-1
  • Intensive in-process inspections and final examinations incl. electrical safety test


Home Therapy

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Pro Therapy #1

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Pro Therapy #2

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