Knit One Save One

Too many children in the world die needlessly before their fifth birthday from conditions that are treatable and preventable.

This prompted Save the Children to launch their Knit One Save One campaign to help save some of the 8.8 million children who die annually before the age of 5.  

Knit One Save One asked Australians to knit squares to help contribute to a blanket for newborns, particularly those with a low birth weight.

So far, support for the campaign has come from church and community groups as well as businesses that use it as a team building exercise. We saw a unique opportunity to bring together the skills of their elderly customers and the needs of the charity.

We sent out information to our customers and the response was overwhelming. Our customers were so generous in their response; it’s heart-warming to see how this generation are so keen to lend a hand.

Jill Ewer and the folks from The Braes

We also made it a friendly competition between the three stores; there was some good natured banter amongst the store managers and accusations from Shane that the girls (Margaret and Jill) had an unfair advantage, a position that was hotly disputed by Margaret and anyone that witnessed her knitting efforts.

Rita McGreggor and Marg Heffernan

“Yes, knitting’s not my strong point, although I’m really pleased with my improvement. My first efforts had so many holes in it, I doubt it would have been all that warm” said Margaret.

In all, the three Scooter World stores were able to send 20 blankets in 2011 to Save the Children, a total of 320 squares, thanks to the skills of their enterprising customers.

This year 2012 a similar amount has been donated by mostly one of our customers at Welland.  We wish to thank Mrs. Yvonne V. for her dedicated knitting over winter.

Thank you very much you are a special lady.

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